About :: Natural Spirit - pagan metal band, folk metal, black metal, Kiev, Ukraine


The history of Natural Spirit begins in Chernigiv (Ukraine). There in 1998 Oleg Kirienko started to compose 'Star Throne' the first album. It's main direction can be mentioned as melodic black metal but 'Vnukam Dazhd-Boga' and 'Ptitsa' compositions are influenced by Oleg's world-view and his aspiration to attach thems of slavonic paganism, epos and history to music. In 1999 'Star Throne' was released on Moon Records, soon it became well-known in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and Natural Spirit had started intensive concert and tour activities including appearance with Skyforger, Behemoth, Gods Tower.

'Ruskolun' the next album was released in 2004 and turns into the significant occurance at Ukrainian metal scene. It's originality and combination of folk tunes and metal has considerable influence at Slavonic pagan formation. 'Oyra' and 'Vladimir' songs remain popular for all these years.

Some time later Oleg continued Natural Spirit activities in Kiev, there he geathered new professional and talanted musicans. After three years of work in the end of 2008 'Sita Rosa' album was finished and released at Storm Spell Records (USA), it got one of the lead positions among the best pagan metal albums of that year.

In February 2010 Natural Spirit had presented 'The Price of Freedom' the forth album. It differs with sound of many live folk instruments and ethnic chorus. This time besides usual mystic and pagan atmosphere there are quite topical themes of events and occurances of Ukrainian history: Cossack Uprisings, struggle of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Soviet famine of 1932-1933, etc. 'The Price of Freedom' is the name of this album and it's leading idea, it concentrates properly the image of Ukrainian history from ancient times to contemporaneity.